Memory Care

Superior care must be flexible, as caregivers frequently have to adjust to the changing needs of those struggling to manage advancing dementia in their loved ones. Tandem Care takes pride in the passion with which our entire team focuses on maintaining the independence and safety of all our clients. We recognize that dementia affects the whole family, and demands creativity, as well as professionalism. Specialized training programs in the management of our clients with varying degrees of memory loss sets Tandem apart from other agencies.

Tandem Care Associates is proud to support the memory café of our neighbors – Red Raven Gastropub. A memory café is a welcoming place for people with forgetfulness or other changes in their thinking and for their family and friends. Memory cafés meet at a variety of places including museums, coffeehouses or community organizations. Memory Cafes invite guest artists for entertainment, offer education about memory changes; but many are just for relaxing and chatting. All cafés share one goal: to help guests feel comfortable and to know that they are not alone.

For more information about Memory cafes in our area, visit JF&CS.

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