About Us



Tandem Care Associates was founded in 2017 with the goal of improving the lives we touch through the compassionate delivery of quality client-centered care and a holistic family approach. Our unique style of service is delivered by highly-trained caregivers with specialized knowledge of those suffering from memory care issues and a Tandem Care management model for close oversight of our clients’ changing needs. We strive to provide clients with a consistent team of experienced caregivers who help them stay healthier and happier in their own home.

What sets Tandem Care apart?


Our Exceptional Team – Our caregivers (or “ambassadors”) are the most important part of our care equation. We engage a rigorous selection process which values character and personality as much as experience. We extend our culture of caring to our ambassadors so they feel supported and empowered as they care for the clients and families we serve.

Enhanced Communication – The Family Room  is an online portal which enables our families to stay connected. Tandem Care’s clients and families are able to log on 24/7 to view client updates and notes as well as check on schedules all in real time. Tandem Care is constantly working to improve communication and transparency between professional providers and family caregivers. This investment in technology allows us to provide unparalleled quality of care with cost effective outcomes.

Readmission Reduction – Reducing readmission is a priority for Tandem Care. We understand the responsibility that falls on the shoulders of hospitals, skilled nursing/rehab and other facilities to prevent return visits. Our caregivers monitor symptoms that may signal a change in a client’s condition so that potential problems are dealt with proactively, preventing the need to be readmitted to a facility.

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